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Mauritius Yellow Pages (MYP) – About Us

MYP Online Marketing Ltd is a Limited Liability Company offering innovative online solutions and services to Corporations, Companies, SMEs, Entrepreneurs and Professionals across Mauritius and Rodrigues. Mauritius Yellow Pages (MYP) ™ was previously launched in 1996, when internet usage was still in its infancy here, MYP has since undergone a complete rebranding and re-launched its portal in 2015 to integrate the latest technologies.

With our team of committed staff, we always strive to deliver the best services possible. Located in Quatre Bornes, MYP Online Marketing is a team consisting of both young professionals and those with long term business and online marketing experience. This fusion of innovation and experience creates services that are both needed and highly desirable to the business community. Quality and innovation form part of our core values. We make complex advertising principles easy for you to understand, so that you can achieve the maximum benefit. MYP’s goal is to establish the connection between consumers and vendors by creating and maintaining a quick and user-friendly portal accessible to all. MYP Online Marketing is continuously innovating and will be adding new features to its services, making it the leading online directory and marketing service provider within the Indian Ocean.

To support our aims, our team have committed themselves to five values. They are the principles we adhere to in our day to day working lives.

Putting customers first

Being tireless in our efforts to understand our customers' needs and deliver the best solutions.

Taking initiative and responsibility

Always researching for new ways to innovate. Being accountable to our customers and learning from our experiences.

Acting with integrity

Acting honestly, considering the impact of our actions and treating others as they would like others to treat them.

Open communication;

Sharing information and listening to new suggestions.

Winning together

Planning for success and working with all stakeholders to achieve it. Using our resources – human, financial and environmental wisely.