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Online Marketing Services

Mauritius Yellow Pages have in addition to its rebranding, improved their service concept, which MYP is proud to announce and offer to the business community. We have outlined below some of the Marketing services within this page.

Unlike a Classic listing, where businesses can only display limited information, our Online Directory goes a step further. We still offer the Free Classic listing, however, we now enable you, as a business, to display an extensive amount of information about your business, brand and services/products and make your business listing more attractive. View the business listing plans:

  1. Classic+
  2. Premium
  3. Premium+

As you will note it is not just informative but also offers visual options and additional marketing and sales tools that are available.

A listing on the MYP portal will bring you and your business one step closer to your target audience. Today's consumers are much more informed than before. They know what type of service they are looking for and they know where to look for it. You therefore want those consumers to find YOU when they search online instead of your competitors. Through the listing service, we allow you to display additional information that your customers need to make an informed decision.

Customers that have taken a decision to buy from you, will want to act now! With a listing on you can provide additional options and motivation to establish contact with you. The limitations are your choice; depending on the listing package you select.

MYP will also enable add-ons such as adding branches and in the coming months you can also opt for a mobile app listing and ecommerce.

As a business listed on Mauritius Yellow Pages you will benefit from discounts when new services are introduced, and industry information and events, which helps your business to be at the forefront and attract more customers.

So there is no need to wait - Join Us Now and make your business more accessible online.

Email marketing takes the concept of traditional market mailing (through the postal service) to the Worldwide Web. Email marketing is the preferred method of advertisement for many companies because of the limited cost involved and its ability to reach a widely diverse and significant audience. Nonetheless, there is more to email marketing than just sending out lots of emails.

The conception of the message, including the call to action and the landing page need to be considered. More importantly, who are you sending email to (who is the target audience)? At Mauritius Yellow Pages, we have the ability to fine tune emails to your target audience including B2B and B2C for your email not to be considered SPAM.

Contact us to discuss the various push marketing options

Native marketing is the latest evolution within the marketing world. Native marketing could be described as a similar concept to a traditional advert, but that would be simplifying it too much.

Native marketing involves the integration of marketing elements into a or alongside web content, and/or through other online media channels, in such a way that it is not distinguishable from the rest of the material displayed there in terms of content, format, style or placement.

It is considered to be a valuable and very effective method for the marketer to subtly push a brand, service or product. Through native marketing, the advertising or marketing message is integrated in an almost natural way with the content of the website so that the consumer does not realise that the message is in fact a marketing message. This method of marketing a product is beneficial to both the marketer, who is able to reach an audience and to the user who, unlike in other forms of advertising, does not feel pressured to purchase the product.

MYP have a vast network of web portals (i.e., blog sites and sites that we are constantly improving, expanding and updating. This places us in a unique position to not only offer Native Marketing but also expose Native Marketing Content to a larger audience.

Contact us to get information what our editorial team can offer

Search Engine Optimisation can basically be described as bringing traffic (visitors) to your website organically. Without traffic your online business is dead.
There are many elements involved, but to provide an overview we will focus on three main areas: content, search engines and analytics

Attracting customers (visitors) is quite a challenging and vital task for any business. Online traffic generation is of significant importance in the success of an online store and a website of the traditional brick and mortar business. Traffic generation is dependent on a number of factors including adapting the marketing mix to the targeted audience and to the product/service being sold. Building website content (original), regular content updates and choosing the appropriate platforms to publish the content are all very important elements.

Optimising the content and the platform (Onsite SEO), followed by establishing links (one way and return) with other online platforms, through directories, blogs, forums, guides and more (Offsite SEO); are all part of the process of getting higher page rankings, driving traffic and improving the indexing (search results) on search engines.

The analysis is a way of structuring and reviewing the amount of data that is being sent and received by the visitors to a website. Traffic can be determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages viewed during each visit. Websites are able to keep track of incoming and outgoing traffic to determine which segments or pages of the website are more popular. Thus trends and statistics can be derived from traffic data to improve user experience and target better search results by adjusting the SEO and content.

MYP have a vast network and experience, which naturally benefits our clients. Should MYP not have the traffic within the industry that you conduct your business in; we only have to take the decision to expand our network, to within months have a significant impact online.

Contact us to get a free SEO evaluation

Banner advertising is a method of advertising on the Internet that enables companies to publish their brand or product advert on a specific web page and section of their choice (this is referred to as zones).

Where the aim is to attract customers to the company it is advisable to consider a landing page. A landing page is a highly optimised webpage with the purpose to call to action and to track the result of an advertisement campaign.

A Banner campaign can also be a branding exercise or to maintain product awareness, in which case a direct web link is sufficient.

Banner ads can be offered in all sizes and shapes. MYP keep the Banner type to a Universal Ad Package (UAP), so as to keep a clean and pleasant layout of network portals and sites. This does not limit companies to one size or type. MYP not only offer the static, gif and flash (animations) that leave a positive impression on the web page visitors, we also help guide and create the banner adverts themselves.

You can order your banner advertising online in minutes.