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Mobile Marketing At Your Fingertips

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The new generation of marketing is opening up many opportunities for marketers. With Smartphones the game has changed and companies that are not keeping up will lose out!

Mauritius Yellow Pages will be blogging on Mobile Marketing trends over the coming months and will share the many options and suggestions that companies can use to facilitate their marketing, brand exposure and reach on their market.

With the increasingly widespread use of Smartphones and apps, marketers are taking advantage of this new communication channel. Smartphone apps as a marketing resource allow us to communicate directly, engage with and bring the client on the go into the virtual world of our online showroom or shop.

Other mobile marketing tools such as SMS, MMS, QR Codes, mobile adverts, NFC and Image recognition are also available.

SMS, as a marketing tool is still in use, however, less so than in the past. In addition, to the application costs and the negative publicity of SPAM messaging, due to misuse and lack of regulation for a long period of time, the added cost from phone companies for sending SMS and short codes have seen their decline. The effectiveness of a simple text message is also debateable. The introduction of MMS, where imaging and video is used in direct messaging or as a sponsor to a third party's message, was less successful than SMS, despite the development of colour displays and Smartphones.

At MYP, we consider SMS and MMS to be tools on the wane, with other more cost effective, engaging and measurable options on trend. Mobile technology offers so much more as it enables us to improve and offer instant customer service, which also affects the brand experience.

Marketers naturally, want to make use of all aspects of a product or service’s buying cycle from brand recognition to the after sales service. And even at this stage Mobile Marketing development has its place.

QR Codes, Apps and NFC are the three hot items to integrate into your mobile marketing strategy. Traditionally, the QR code is used to attract a customer to a web page by scanning a 2D image with their phone's camera, instead of manually entering a URL (the website address). With innovative companies providing this service and creative users, QR Codes have become more than a convenience tool. Look at QR Codes as a way of bringing the physical world to the virtual in seconds, sharing data or information on the go, or as a customer services tool.

Naturally there are free options, but they typically do not include extensive tracking features, the customisation and High Definition options. Companies like Calvin Klein, Home Depot and even Lady Gaga have found good use of QR Codes.

You may easily combine QR Codes with readymade mobile websites, where the app can be used as a survey or even a game, to name just a couple of options.

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Develop a powerful marketing tool with Mobile Website Apps

Unitag was founded in Toulouse (France) in 2011 and is a blend of innovation, technological prowess and avant-gardism that has matured extensively over the years. Unitag is essentially an all-in-one tool for Mobile Marketing campaigns which encompass a wide variety of services, modern features like the NFC, Image recognition and QR codes.

Unitag has clients in 55 countries and is used by many international established companies with activities in all four corners of the globe. The French establishment aimed to broaden its operations in 2015 and reach global industry dominance with continued efforts to bring modern technologies to its clients.
Over the comings months MYP will be blogging on QR codes and other marketing solutions.

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Develop a powerful marketing tool with Mobile Website Apps