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Currency Exchange (MUR)

Last checked: 14:56 8th Feb
  • EUR38.77
  • USD31.70
  • GBP43.92
  • ZAR2.62

Lotto Results Tue 8th

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    • 34

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Therapy and counselling

Four signs that indicate you need to listen more to your body

It is time to pay attention to the signs your body is showing you that something is out of balance...before it is too late!


Clothes and fashion accessories

The Body Type Fashion Guide: How to Dress to Suit your Figure

Do you know your body type, and do you know how to dress for your figure? We are here to help!


Flights Information – International Airport Mauritius More

  • Arrived
    Depart Arrive From Flight 00:16 05:00 Cape Town MAU844 13:14 01:08 Farnborough, England NJE425U 22:03 22:33 Saint-Denis MAU297 21:47 22:17 Saint-Denis REU130 20:26 20:53 Saint-Denis MAU239 17:57 19:29 Antananarivo MAU289
  • Departed
    Depart Arrive To Flight 23:11 23:42 Saint-Denis REU131 23:07 09:58 Paris MAU34 23:01 04:57 Dubai UAE704 22:26 08:34 Shanghai MAU688 22:04 22:48 Saint-Denis MAU248 21:45 03:08 Nairobi KQA271
  • En Route
    Depart Arrive From Flight 19:30 06:16 Paris MAU45 19:00 06:27 London, England BAW2069 19:20 06:42 Frankfurt am Main CFG2314 07:00 07:37 Saint-Denis MAU249 20:10 07:57 London, England MAU53 02:25 09:02 Dubai UAE701

Mon 21st Jan

Enterprises Online

Blog On Enterprises In Mauritius

A business blog in English and French with articles, advice, tips and observations about and for businesses and entrepreneurs in Mauritius and Rodrigues.


Finance Online

Portal On Mauritius Finance

A portal website in English and French providing information articles about finance in Mauritius and Rodrigues for a local and international audience.


Mauritius Online

Online Magazine On Mauritius

An E-zine in English and French providing editorial and general information about Mauritius on a wide range of subjects for a local and international audience.