The pillar-body shape features:

If you recognise the features below, then you have a pillar figure:

  • Shoulders as wide as hips
  • Almost no waist
  • Long legs

Overall tips for women with a pillar figure:

The pillar figure is similar to a young masculine body type, and here you really have the opportunity to play with volume and contrasts.

Skinny jeans are made for your lovely long legs, and if you make sure to pair them with a top that has dramatic angles, your slightly curved silhouette will be very attractive. The pillar does not have much waist, and if you want to create a more classic feminine silhouette, go for soft fabrics and dresses that are slim-fitting and cinched jackets.

You can wear any length of dress or skirt, for example, try a wavy long maxi dress that will drape beautifully on your figure.

  • Inspiration for an everyday look for the pillar body type
  • An example of a party look for the pillar body type
  • Pillar body type

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