The vase-body shape features:

If you recognise the features below, then you have a vase figure:

  • Large bust
  • Slightly curved, long waistband
  • Hips the same size as bust
  • Slim thighs and lower legs

Overall tips for women with a vase figure:

If you take an hourglass and stretch it a little, then you have a vase. The vase is a lighter body shape than the hourglass as your body does not curve as much.

The shapely and elegant look will suit you best, so cut down on superficial decoration and substitute it for the stylish office look. Pencil skirts enclose your shape, lay close to your behind and waist. Choose any skirt that ends just below the knee. Your asset is your upper body, so go for deep V-necklines, but gladly with puff sleeves or other details that give the eyes a place to dwell more than at your cavalry.

When shopping for dresses you should keep away from ruffles, as the perfect dress for you will stick to your bust, rear and waist. It should be in a material that is strong enough to emphasize your curves while keeping them in place.

  • Inspiration for an everyday look for the vase body type
  • An example of a party look for the vase body type
  • Vase body type


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