The brick-body shape features:

If you recognise the features below, then you have a brick figure:

  • Broad shoulders
  • No waist
  • Average stomach
  • Flat behind
  • Strong thighs
  • Powerful legs

Overall tips for women with a brick figure:

With a body shaped like a brick, you can benefit from a true feminine look.

A high waist or draped dress emphasizes that look and helps you create the illusion of a waistline - if that is what you want. Make sure to put together the dress with a pair of powerful shoes that enhance your silhouette. With wide shoulders it can be difficult to find a well-shaped jacket that does not make you look very square – it is a good idea to go for a model with a tie strap that softens the square at your torso.

When it comes to pants, look for those that fall softly, avoiding any strong materials like canvas as they do not flatter your figure.

  • Inspiration for an everyday look for the brick body type
  • An example of a party look for the brick body type
  • Brick body type


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