We may notice when something is out of balance in our bodies, but we are generally not very good at paying attention to the signs and doing something about it. Often we take our bodies for granted...and don’t take action until it is too late!

We often think of the body and spirit/mind as two separate entities, but actually they are connected and we need to pay attention to both elements when it comes to our health.

Many of us work in office environments where we are inactive. Back pain has almost become an epidemic because we spend so many hours a week just sitting still, and when we do exercise, it is often with a very goal oriented approach.  That is because we want to see results that reflect societal norms, thinking that if we look a certain way we will be happy. Exercising like this may not be pleasurable. Since research shows that the body and mind are mutually linked, our health and well-being is also about balancing this relationship. When we listen to the signals our body sends us, we become happy and vice versa.

Some therapists explain that since the body and soul are connected, when people suffer from stress, their body suffers and they have trouble performing physical tasks, and if we do not listen to these signals the body breaks down further until we have no choice but to listen to the signals.

4 signs that it is time to listen to your body:

1. You forget the nuances

Everything becomes very black and white, especially when you are in trouble. Solutions get very rigid and you cannot see all the shades that typically lie between the black and the white.

2. Thoughts running in a circle

Your thoughts keep running round in a circle in your mind and you are not able to stop them. If you keep reliving an explanation, an apology, a meeting, or a conversation, it is often a sign that the brain is brewing excuses together that does not quite match how you actually feel in your body.

3. You over-prepare

You spend an incredibly long time preparing for everything and thinking constantly “what if ...” But often this results in procrastination - you never get to complete anything because of your need to be so prepared that nothing is actually accomplished.

4. You explode more often

If you ignore your feelings for too long, you will find that everything suddenly boils over. This can often manifest in the form of crying or flare-up of anger.  These emotional outbursts can often occur at inappropriate times, during a meeting, a conversation with the boss, a minor quarrel or in some situation that is not so provocative, but suddenly you feel like you are going to explode.

If you recognise any of these signs in yourself, it may well be a good idea to stop for a moment and re-evaluate your personal and work life. It may also be a good idea to contact a medical professional, not necessarily for medication but for some form of talking therapy.

In any case if your body is trying to get your attention, it is time for you to listen.

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