A new season is just around the corner, and some of spring's trends (Europe) are remnants from autumn and winter. We provide inspiration for your next shopping trip to your local mall or online, where you are more likely to find these or similar styles on sale.

We will also offer you some classic trends that will endure for the autumn and winter (Europe) seasons of 2018. 

Six major spring fashion trends


Flower printing is a trend that is here to stay, and can be used year-round. Select a print in delicate shades, so they look good in the cooler months as well.


The burning red is a ‘hot’ colour that is making a come back this spring. If you are brave enough, wear shades of red from top to toe - or choose a red knit, a pair of red shoes, or use red as an eye-catching accessory in the form of a pair of earrings or a necklace.

Everyday Chic

Be chic everyday with warm colours and clean silhouettes. The trend is a combination of T-shirts, soft knits and wide pants. Select basic items in sumptuous materials and mix them up, but keep in mind that "less is more".


The chequered pattern is back in focus - in different sizes, small and large. Mix them up with stripes, like Diesel did on their last catwalk, or with shoes like those from Balenciaga (There is definitely a market for the toe shoe because they are the complete opposite of “beauty.”). If you prefer the simpler look, a check blazer is a good investment and can be mixed with almost anything.

Feminine sports

The sporty trend has been around for a while, but has become more feminine. Mix skirts with hoodies or choose colourful dresses. Wear trainers in pastel colors with long dresses or classic men's trousers.


Frills are a beautiful detail and can be seen on tops, underwear and dresses. Find out what suits you and mix with simple items to create a feminine and light look.

Now if you want to look a bit further ahead in 2018 then here are 5 recommendations for classic trends that will last through autumn (Europe).

Simple and classic

Want to meet autumn and everyday life head on? Then combine T-shirts and wide pants, or mix simple dresses with classic items like ankle boots and a peacock jacket for a pretty (and comfortable) look.

Candy floss

Think watermelon, strawberry, sorbet and bubble gum when you are planning your shopping spree - for next season's hottest colour, namely: pink.

Trench Coat

If there is one item of outdoor wear that you should invest in, then it is the trench coat, which stays in fashion and can be styled in infinite ways.

The new maxi dress

It should not be short, but it should also not be the traditional floor-length. The new maxi dress, which has already emerged, lies somewhere around the middle of the shin and can be used with pants or leggings underneath when the temperature drops.

Full bloom

Flowers endure, but nevertheless in the cooler months, the trend is for budding prints in delicate shades.