We do not use this platform to vent our own or others' frustrations or for paid promotion (Native Marketing). We take a very down to earth approach, with the aim of guiding those looking to eat out and enjoy a pleasant dining experience. Together, we would like to help the restaurateur and manager to improve their establishment by providing constructive criticism.

In the event that an establishment has an unfortunate evening or a little trouble within their operation, and has chosen to improve the situation, we are always willing to come again and will update our review accordingly.

It is important to note that these reviews are based on our opinions and you should also consult the public’s reviews, if any, on the establishment’s Yellow Pages’ business page.

We write about our good as well as bad dining experiences at an establishment, which also includes evaluating the atmosphere, behaviour of the staff, general service, quality and quantity of food, price, music and so on. We try our best to be accurate, honest and insightful.

We write about our experience at the restaurant as a whole and not just about the food or dish we ordered and enjoyed/disliked. At the end of the day it is an overall review and not a review of the menu or a promotional article for the establishment that we are writing.

We will evaluate the restaurants based on the following areas: 

  1. Food quality and cost
  2. Service and staff behaviour 
  3. Atmosphere and cleanliness

We will rate the 3 areas and give a rating from 1-5 chef hats, which in turn will provide an average score of the overall experience. The ratings can be interpreted as follows:

1 hats = Ouch that was a slip up - You could have done better 

2 hats = OK, but nothing to write home about

3 hats = Good, and lives up to expectations

4 hats = Great, and better than I expected

5 hats = Excellent, nothing could be faulted!