The cone-body shape features:

If you recognise the features below, then you have a cone figure:

  • Average bust
  • Slim waist
  • Healthy stomach
  • Large legs
  • Powerful calves

Overall tips for women with a cone figure:

You have a long slim upper body and your figure is distinctly female. Nevertheless, your strong thighs can make you feel that it is hard to find comfortable clothes.

Preferably avoid both short pants and stretch pants, and instead choose a pair with a flat cut in front and wider legs. If you want to balance your look, try to go for dark pants. When it comes to dresses, they should sit tight around the upper body - especially in the waist – with a good width at the bottom.

Your legs are short compared to your upper body, so high heels really make a difference here. Shoes with a heavy hollow fit your little legs.

  • Inspiration for an everyday look for the cone body type
  • An example of a party look for the cone body type
  • Cone body type

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