The cornet-body shape features:

If you recognise the features below, then you have a cornet figure:

  • Broad shoulders
  • Small bust
  • No waist
  • Narrow hips
  • Long, slender legs

Overall tips for women with a cornet figure:

You have a characteristic shape that can make you look spindly if you try to hide it.

With a pair of long slim legs, cigarette pants are the right fit, the ends of which show off your ankles. Choose a skirt that sits close to the waist and swings outwards to create shape. Avoid any shoulder pads, as you already have wide shoulders, and instead wear blazers and jackets without padded shoulders and wide backs that optically create balance to your figure.

When choosing shoes, keep in mind that your slim ankles should not be overwhelmed by big sturdy soles, so instead go for a shoe with a slim heel.

  • Inspiration for an everyday look for the cornet body type
  • An example of a party look for the cornet body type
  • Cornet body type


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