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A prominent marketplace for buyers and sellers

For more than 20 years, the Yellow Pages has been one of the leading marketplaces in Mauritius, where buyers and sellers meet independently, irrespective of time and place. The Yellow Pages is part of MYP Online Marketing, which also publishes other online portal sites and provides a wide range of online marketing products such as Websites, Internet Security, Hosting, Banner Advertising, and Social and Search Engine advertising.

Only 1 in 10 customers are searching directly on your company name.

Your normal customers know your online and physical location. But what about all the others? Over 90% of searches on Google and Yellow Pages are made through searches on keywords and areas, such as "Mechanic + Moka".

Therefore, it is important that your business can be found on the most commonly used keywords. YP knows Mauritian search habits through millions of weekly searches on Google and Yellow Pages.

Let us help you to be found before your competitors.

Easy and user-friendly set-up with video-tutorials and tooltips.

Our customer service centre is also available to provide additional assistance.

Select the business page package that suits your requirements and choose from a range of elements from company information and product listings to video presentation and sales and admin tools i.e. adverts and vacancies.

With an YP business page, besides helping to push your brand through the search engines - We publish your listing, videos, coupons, vacancies, and banners through our social channels.

Will you be chosen before your competitors?

Do you want to be the business customers first think of when shopping? Online marketing is about being found, as well as being preferred to the competitors. Therefore, it is about being searchable, visible and appearing as attractive as possible.

On Yellow Pages, customers are not looking for information. They already know what to buy, and they are in the market to find out which company to shop at. Yellow Pages is the local marketplace to be in, so your business is what potential customers choose.