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Mega Setups Ltd

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We offer a range of services to create the ideal settings for weddings or events

Wedding and event consultants with over 20 years experience creating the perfect venues for weddings. We specialise in providing elegant stage décor and mandaps, themed room designs, gorgeous floral arrangements, decorative lighting, impeccable catering services, as well as other professional wedding services. Our services are available for other events including conferences and parties.


We pride ourselves on taking a personalised approach to creating the perfect venue for your wedding or event. Our dedicated team strives to fulfill every unique logistical and design detail with the best quality services


We seek to inspire meaningful celebrations by creating exquisite spaces for unique events that generate a warm ambience where all guests feel welcome and elated. We aim to innovate in our services and venue designs

Brands Carried

    • Wedding Planning

      Wedding Planning

      We offer a range of tents/marquees, stage décor, mandaps, themed room designs, floral arrangements and lighting for your venue
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    • Event Services

      Event Services

      Additional services through our partners including photography, hair stylists, makeup and henna artists and bridal wear suppliers
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    • Catering


      We offer exquisite menus for you to choose from, all served on impressive table arrangements by our impeccable catering staff
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    • Entertainment


      A variety of entertainment options include live singers or bands, DJs, dance groups including for Geet Gawai, as well as Karaoke.
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