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Offering german high quality antibacterial microfiber products

Founded in Germany and now based in Mauritius since 2001, we are pioneers in Antibacterial Microfibres, bringing German Quality and 30 years of experience. We aim to create awareness of environmentally friendly cleaning methods which can be used to keep any type of surface not only free from dirt, but also from the residue of harmful toxic substances contained in traditional cleaning agents.


Our company strives to go above and beyond to care for the environment and contribute to a greener economy.


To create awareness of eco-friendly cleaning methods and make a contribution to saving the environment.

Brands Carried

  • Cleanera

Our long lasting and ecological products do not require the use of chemical detergents. The unique feature of our products is based on a water cleaning system. They are easy to use and ensure flawless results. They are absolutely safe to use in highly sensitive environments involving children or allergic persons, pharmacies and ateliers amongst others. CLEANERA Cleaning products help save: Energy; Power; Time; Money; and commonly used detergents. The antibacterial effect prevents: Bacteria; Fungi; and Bad odours.

  • Mild Glove

    Mild Glove

    Large capacity to retain and absorb moisture. Suitable for cleaning all porous surfaces such as wood, terracotta and even carpets
    As from: MUR 300.00Request A Quotation
  • Dishwashing Sponge

    Dishwashing Sponge

    Care sponge is a combination of "Extra" on one side and "Care" on the other. Can be used in many other areas of the household
    As from: MUR 300.00Request A Quotation

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