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Distribution of flower products, seminars, MQA-approved staff training

We produce and provide flower remedies and related products, seminars, workshops and therapies for individuals, therapists and the spa industry. We are MQA-approved. Since 2001, we engage in research, production and distribution of NaturEssences and CORESSENCES flower elixirs on the Mascarene Islands. Our range encompasses 24 Flower Essences, 6 Sprays and 10 environmental essences.


With our products, we aim to provide individuals, therapists and the spa industry with great tools to harmonise body, mind and spirit; thus contributing to maintenance of a happy and balanced lifestyle.


Producing body, spirit and soul-care products in accordance with the laws of Mother Nature. Providing therapies, lessons and seminars about said products. Enhancing the consciousness of mankind.

Reflecting the spectacular nature beauty and exotic plant life of Mauritius, Rodrigues and La Reunion, our flower and environmental remedies CORESSENCES and NaturEssences are great teachers to help people learn more about themselves and how to balance their body, mind and soul. All of our essences and elixirs are produced according to the Bach method and in harmony with nature. Along with our product range, we offer personal therapy sessions, workshops and seminars in Mauritius and abroad. We furthermore custom-tailor signature treatments for therapy centres and spas. We also provide seminars, workshops and private coaching for therapists, spa-staff and individual participants. We are MQA-approved.

  • Bath Salt
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  • Element Essences
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  • Flower power spray
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