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With effective banners on the internet

Gain Access To The Largest Banner Network In Mauritius

At MYP, you have exclusive access to a local, regional and international audience of over a million people every month. They will see your ads on our country and regional sites, optimally displayed on desktops, tablets and smartphones, that will each week increase in popularity.

Banner marketing lets you target your campaign to appear in the geographic areas where your customers are based. If you have any special ideas, or wishes for your campaign, we will be happy to help you realise them!

Indian Ocean’s largest network

MYP gives you access to the attention of over 1 million visitors every month. They view your ads on some of the region’s most popular sites - displayed on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Our network is extensive with banners on,, IndianOcean.IO, and more! Our network is constantly growing!

Target where you need to be visible

Banner Advertising lets you target your marketing to specific audiences in defined geographic areas.

For example, as a real estate agent, you can choose to display your banners to users who live in a particular geographical area or within the category where people search for “real estate”.

Easier and cheaper than you think

Surprisingly for most, tailor-made campaigns can be adjusted to suit many budgets, and even small businesses can expose their businesses to potential customers in their local area or internationally.

If your business is ready for the big banner front page campaigns on Yellow Pages, then we can make that happen too!

Become More Visible, Exactly Where Your Clients Are Browsing Online

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