Mobile Marketing Makes A Difference

By placing your brand in the palm of your customers’ hand

MYP provide innovative and responsive mobile marketing solutions

With the almost universal use of Smartphones, Mobile Marketing is now an essential element to any business strategy. MYP offer international standard mobile marketing services in partnership with Unitag.

We provide mobile marketing tools and services such as: dynamic QR Codes; Mobile marketing apps; Customised mobile app development; Near Field Communication (NFC); and SMS marketing.

Mobile technology enables us to offer instant customer service, which also positively impacts the brand.

Innovative QR Codes

Companies can easily combine QR Codes with mobile websites, where it can be used as a survey or even a game, sharing data or information on the go, or as a customer services tool.

We can create a QR Code marketing campaign that will position your company at the forefront of creativity and innovation.

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Web Apps are pre-developed mobile optimised webpages with pre-defined functions that enable companies to establish a broad mobile presence.

We create Mobile Web Apps that are time and cost effective and allow you to deliver content and marketing campaigns with immediacy to achieve positive results.

Mobile App Development

Create applications for smartphones (Native Apps) which can be designed according to the needs of your business to provide interactive services or tools.

We produce creative, responsive apps that will enhance your visibility and brand, allowing you to engage your clients directly.

Engage your customers with an innovative mobile marketing campaign

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