As you might be aware, one of YP’s objectives is to support local online commerce. We have therefore added a quotation function to our service that is linked with our Advanced Search option, which both YP Members and YP Businesses can benefit from. With the latest upgrade, we have not only added a quotation function, we are also filtering out irrelevant search results.

When you are logged in as a member or business, and you have performed an advanced search, the Quotation Request function is made available. If you are not sure how the advanced search option works, you may want to read about this on the “Yellow Pages' Business Search Options” page or view the video tutorial “Mauritius Yellow Pages - Search Options”.

Quotation request function

All YP account holders have access to the “Request Quotation” function, a simple process, which follows from the advanced search result. As a consumer or a business that requires a product or service and has found a business or businesses when you have performed an advanced search, you can select one, several or all the business(es) to request a quotation from. Then you simply click on the “Next” button, specify your requirements in the message field, set a deadline for the business to provide a quotation, and click “Submit Request”. You will then be notified when a quotation has been provided. If you submit requests to several businesses, you can decide later which to accept. However, you need to pay attention to the validity period of each individual quotation.

There are no requirements for a user to reject a quotation if it does not meet their expectations, as when the deadline for accepting the quotation has expired, the status will automatically change on the user and business’s quotation record.

The Quotation section within a user’s dashboard maintains a record of each request and quotation received. Furthermore, YP encourages consumers/customers to submit a review of all quotations that resulted in a deal being made. The review is automatically displayed on the Business Page and it will help to guide other consumers/customers.

For better understanding and guidance, we recommend viewing the video tutorial that is available within the quotation section on your dashboard, on our YouTube channel, or you can choose to read the transcript if you prefer.

Quotation Generator Function

Businesses with a Premium Business Page*, can benefit from the quotation generator function, and as such have a dedicated Quotation Settings section as well within their dashboard.

Businesses will be notified by email when they have received a quotation request, in the same way as YellowMail. The business can access the quotation section from their dashboard to respond to a request by filling in the product/service details, cost and set a quotation valid till date. 

All other information or requirements form part of the quotation template, which is pre-entered from the Quotation Settings section.

The system generates and submits the quotation with a simple click of the button.

Video tutorials for the Quotation Generator and Quotation Settings are found within their respective sections of the dashboard, and also on our YouTube channel and our Tutorial website.

* This type of business page has all the sections (catalogue and brand listing) that are required for generating a quotation.