Traditional and Advanced Search Options on Yellow Pages

Traditional and Advanced Search Options on Yellow Pages. search engine enables you to search outside the traditional format.

The traditional search options for an online yellow pages site are by What? And Where?, which is simply Keyword and Location. Then they allow you to browse/search by; have additional options “Brand” and “Services”. What does this mean? Well any business that has signed up for a Premium Listing or higher, has the option to add Services/Product they offer and Brands that they carry. This is first and foremost to provide additional information to the customer and for the company to promote their services and brands.

The search engine utilises the service and brand list to provide a better service for our users, by enabling you to diversify your search e.g. look for a store that has a specific brand such as Samsung, Apple, Adidas, Nike and so on. Or you can look for a specific service/product. These search options can also be combined.

We have developed these search options further, i.e. you are now able to search by location, so that you can see the nearest business offering the service, product or brand that you want.