Yellow Pages Birthday Competition 2021

Prizes to Win

  • 1 x Cash Prize MUR 10,000
  • 1 x Weekend - two bedroom apartment - Flic en Flac
  • 1 x Tours to Aigrette Island for two
  • 2 x Movie tickets
  • 4 x MUR 40 Quick Pick Lotto Tickets
  • 8 x G Data Licenses;
    • 2 X Total Protection
    • 2 x Internet Security
    • 4 x Antivirus

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In addition to winners being informed directly, we will post an announcement of winners that will be linked to our general competition listing page, and also posted on our Yellow Pages Facebook Page

Participate in YP's birthday competition

You can enter the YP Birthday Competition as from:
1st to 30th September 2021

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In addition to the general Terms and Conditions that apply, your post should be published on Facebook by the 1st September 2021 and stay visible on your timeline until the prize winners are announced on 30th September 2021.

* Protects you from potential unsolicited email to your personal account.
** Please note that Yellow Pages Mauritius is completely impartial and does not express any bias towards businesses that advertise on our network by only displaying preferential reviews for those businesses.

Complete the following steps:

To participate in this YP competition you must complete the following steps:

  • Register as a YP member,
  • Like us on Facebook,
  • Post the following text on your FB profile:
    • “I want to win MUR 10,000 with Yellow Pages Mauritius!"
    • Tag two Facebook friends in the post

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