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Prizes You Can Win

Mauritius Yellow Pages will throughout the year offer many prizes to members that participate in published competitions or in our lucky draws.

The prizes can be in the form of cash, gift certificates, and tickets for a movie or the lotto. Prizes can also be overnight or weekend stays in a hotel or another type of accommodation, in addition to activities ranging from leisure, action or adventure.

Our prizes can also be more practical gifts such as security licenses for your computer and mobile phone, or personal in the form of household and health products.

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In addition to winners being informed directly, we will post an announcement of winners that will be linked to our competition listing page, and also posted on our Yellow Pages Facebook Page

Become a Member to enter our competitions - It is a Win – Win!

Benefit from other competitions and lucky draws throughout the year like this one!

We Start As of August 2019


There are many benefits to being a member of Mauritius Yellow Pages:

  • YellowMail:
    • Direct communication with businesses *
    • Anonymous communication option
  • According to your preference settings receive:
    • Special offers
    • Coupon notifications
    • Event notifications
  • Business Reviews **
  • Apply to job vacancies
  • Participate in yearly lucky draw(s)

* Protects you from potential unsolicited email to your personal account.
** Please note that Yellow Pages Mauritius is completely impartial and does not express any bias towards businesses that advertise on our network by only displaying preferential reviews for those businesses.

With Yellow Pages you can also perform Advanced Searches for businesses, products and brands, as well as obtain updates on weather, flights, currency and lotto results.

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In addition to the general Terms and Conditions that apply, you must be a member on Yellow.mu, follow us on our Facebook Page and follow the instructions that are communicated on the competition page.

For Lucky Draws, you only have to be a member and follow us on Facebook.

Steps to follow:

To participate in any YP competitions you must complete the following steps:

  • Register as a YP member,
  • Like us on Facebook,
  • Follow the instructions of the respective competition i.e.:
    • “M1 - Nominate Local Business Competition"
    • "M2 - YP Birthday Competition"

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